Creative learning and education

Stumble Trip Theatre run a range of flexible workshops. As a company we have a unique and diverse array of skills that we relish sharing with young people and adults. Our aim is to develop the imagination and performance skills of participants.

Our workshops are suitable for all ages and all levels of ability, our ethos is that everyone can be wonderful and silly…

What we offer

Clowning and Slapstick comedy   –

A high energy, fun  safe-space to be silly, spontaneous and learn some tricks of the clowning trade.

Exercises looking into techniques exploring timing and rhythm.

Finding the inner clown through embracing that vulnerable childlike state and finding a genuine connection with your audience. 

Lecoq Devsing and character building –

Using renowned Lecoq techniques – embodying animal qualities and elements and exploring isolations – to build unique theatrical characters.

Devising and creating your own theatre – we can equip you with a suitcase of essential tools to devise theatre. 

‘Chloe and Grace planned an effective workshop based around information I provided…they were incredibly professional throughout the process… they were really brought some joy and light into the school, the (children) immediately connected with them and trusted them.’  

– St. Mary’s School, Calne

‘Such fun! Yesterday’s workshop in Physical Theatre Comedy & Mime led by two Jacques Lecoq trained performers from Paris. Actors explored the basics of mime creating imaginary worlds along with slapstick comedy and silly falls!’ #partnersinmime “

– JK Theatre Arts, Brighton


To book a workshop with us please contact –